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About Us

Our business is about making the very best of the opportunities we get. It’s very important to us that we re-use and re-cycle as much as possible. The ‘Eco’ in Belvedere Eco Office Furniture is there for two reasons.

Firstly – Eco-friendly. By re-using perfectly good and serviceable office furniture, thousands of tonnes of waste and landfill is saved every year and our clients can be sure that they are reducing their carbon footprint by disposing of their unwanted assets ethically.

Secondly – Eco-nomical. By buying re-cycled office furniture you can save a small fortune providing the basics for your business and by renting, you can reduce your capital outlay and risk, with low regular payments and minimal commitment.

Smart businesses are built on sound financial principles. Good businesses are built on sound principles – period.   

Eco-friendly, Eco-nomical - Belvedere Eco Office Furniture.